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  1. Canadian Volunteer Service Medal Order - SI/94-62 (Section 5)
    •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), the Medal may be awarded

      • [...]

      • (i) a person, other than a member of the forces, who was employed by the Air Ministry of the United Kingdom to make trans-oceanic flights ferrying aircraft from Canada and was domiciled in Canada at the commencement of that employment, and who served during World War II as air crew

        • (i) for a continuous period of not less than six months with Number 45 Wing of the Royal Air Force Transport Command, Number 45 Group of the Royal Air Force Ferry Command or the Atlantic Ferrying Organization, during which period the person made at least one trans-oceanic flight, and was honourably discharged or retired from such service, or

      • (j) a person who was employed by or under the auspices of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan to provide air crew instruction and served in that capacity during World War II



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