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  1. Military Airworthiness Investigation Regulations - SOR/2018-217 (Section 2)
    Marginal note:Mandatory reporting
    •  (1) Any civilian who is an owner, pilot-in-command or crew member of an aircraft, has possession of an aircraft as lessee or otherwise, holds a Canadian aviation document with respect to an airport or heliport, is in charge of an airport or heliport, whether as employee, agent or representative of the holder of the Canadian aviation document, or provides air traffic services or maintenance services in respect of an aircraft or other aeronautical product must report to the Authority if they have direct knowledge of

      • (a) any of the following accidents or incidents that is a military-civilian occurrence:

        • [...]

        • (ii) the aircraft sustaining damage, or experiencing a failure, that adversely affects the structural strength, flight characteristics or performance of the aircraft and that requires repair or replacement of any affected component,

        • [...]

        • (vii) difficulties in controlling the aircraft as a result of any aircraft system malfunction, weather phenomena, wake turbulence, uncontrolled vibrations or operations outside the flight envelope,

        • [...]

        • (x) any crew member being unable to perform their duties as a result of a physical incapacitation or a malfunction of their life-support equipment,

        • [...]

        • (xvii) a crew member declaring an emergency or indicating any situation that requires priority handling by an air traffic control unit or the standing by of emergency response services,

        • (xviii) an accident or incident involving any device that is installed on an aircraft for emergency activation or for deployment or deployment and recovery during flight, including ejection seats, bombs, rockets, missiles, cartridge activated devices, jammers and targets,

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