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  1. Vessel Fire Safety Regulations - SOR/2017-14 (Section 315)
    •  (1) On a passenger-carrying vessel, the stairways and inclined ladders must be arranged so that

      • [...]

      • (c) handrails are fitted on both sides of every flight of stairs, and have a height measured vertically above the tread of not less than 840 mm and not more than 910 mm;

      • (d) at the top and bottom of every flight of stairs there is a clear landing with a surface area that is at least equal to the square of the actual tread width of the adjacent stair or, if that is not feasible, the largest surface area that is feasible;

      • [...]

      • (g) the maximum angle of inclination from the horizontal of every stairway or inclined ladder is

        • (i) 45° or, in the case of a stairway or inclined ladder intended only for the use of the crew, 55°, or

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