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Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-03-22 to 2017-07-12:


The scantlings, information and data and plans in respect of machinery and hull required to be submitted in accordance with section 6 are as follows:

Propelling Machinery


  • Number of engines
  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Diesel, gasoline or steam
  • Cycle
  • Number of cylinders, diameter and stroke (if diesel or steam)
  • Brake or indicated kilowatt power at continuous rating
  • Engine revolutions per minute at continuous rating
  • Maximum indicated pressure (if diesel)
  • Mean indicated pressure (if diesel)
  • Weight of flywheel (if diesel or steam)
  • Diameter of flywheel (if diesel or steam)
  • Reduction gear manufacturer
  • Reduction gear ratio
  • Diameter and material of intermediate shaft
  • Diameter and material of tailshaft
  • Particulars of tailshaft liner
  • Propeller diameter
  • Propeller pitch
  • Type of stern bearing
  • Details of exhaust piping from the engines and heating units, showing deck and other penetrations

Boilers and Air Receivers


  • (i) Steam Boilers

    Plans and data of steam boilers, steam piping and boiler mountings, other than for domestic boilers having an assigned working pressure not exceeding 103 kPa.

  • (ii) Hot Water Boilers

    Detailed plans and data of hot water boilers, hot water piping and boiler mountings, other than for boilers having an assigned working pressure not exceeding 206 kPa or an assigned working temperature not exceeding 93°C.

  • (iii) Air Receivers

    Detailed plans and data of air receivers including size and capacities of safety devices.

Bilge Pumps and Piping


  • Number and capacities of bilge pumps driven by
    • main engine,
    • auxiliary engine, and
    • hand
  • Number of suctions in
    • machinery space,
    • hold spaces, and
    • crew and other spaces
  • Internal diameter of bilge piping

Fire Pumps and Piping


  • Number and capacities of fire pumps
  • Internal diameter of hydrant piping
  • Number of outlets

Fuel Systems Including Ventilating Arrangements


  • Number of fuel tanks including any portable reserve tanks, their capacity and type of fuel, material, construction details and location in the ship;
  • Ventilation details of every space, including bilges, in which gasoline vapour may collect

Steering Gear


  • Steam, hydraulic, electric or hand
  • Diameter of chain, wire or rod
  • Diameter of rudder stock
  • Area of rudder
  • Average distance between trailing edge of rudder and centre line of rudder stock



  • Name of ship and official number
  • Year built
  • Name and address of builder
  • Name and address of owner
  • Type of vessel (open or closed construction)
  • Type of fishing for which vessel is designed
  • Material (wood or steel)
  • Length (as defined in section 2)
  • Breadth (extreme over planking)
  • Breadth (extreme over planking)
  • Depth (top of beam at side amidships to rabbet line on keel)
  • Number and location of watertight bulkheads
  • Length and height of deck-houses
  • Location of engine room
  • Number and sizes of engine room entrance and emergency exits
  • Location of crew accommodation and total number of crew
  • Height of bulwarks
  • Height of sills of doors giving access to main hull
  • Hatches, number and size
  • Hatch coamings, height and thickness
  • Hatch fore-and-afters, vertical and horizontal dimensions
  • Hatch covers, type and thickness

Additional Data for Vessels to Which Section 29 Applies


  • Hydrostatic curves and draught marks locations
  • Cross curves of stability
  • Curves of righting levers for each of the applicable conditions specified in subsection 29(2)
  • A capacity plan indicating the capacities and centres of gravity of all cargo spaces, tanks and other storage spaces
  • Tank sounding tables

Details of Materials


ItemFinished dimensionsMaterialsSpacing (centres)Details of fastenings
Keel blank line
Stem blank line
Sternpost blank line
Keelson blank line
Frames blank line
Deck beams blank line
Hanging knees blank line
Lodging knees blank line
Hatch carlings blank line
Clamps blank line
Shelfs blank line
Bilge ceiling blank line
Floors blank line
Plank or plate blank line
Deck blank line
Engine Foundations blank line

NOTE: The above information and scantlings may be submitted as a list, or in the form of plans, or as a combination of both methods.

Electrical System


  • Number of and rating of ship’s service generators
  • Generator paralleling arrangements
  • Rating and setting of circuit protective devices
  • Type and rating of cables
  • Currents in the circuits
  • Battery capacity and arrangement

NOTE: The above information may be submitted in the form of a one-line diagram.

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