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Weights and Measures Regulations

Version of section 4 from 2014-08-01 to 2023-01-25:

  •  (1) The following classes or types of devices are exempt from section 8 and subsection 15(1) of the Act:

    • (a) water meters;

    • (b) parking meters;

    • (c) taxi meters;

    • (d) odometers of motor vehicles;

    • (e) coin-operated machines for weighing persons;

    • (f) payment-operated machines that dispense a predetermined quantity of liquid and that do not register by a mechanical or an electrical indicator the quantity of liquid dispensed;

    • (g) clocks, watches, chronometers and other time measuring devices;

    • (h) milk measuring tanks for farm use;

    • (i) measuring tanks mounted on railway cars;

    • (j) measuring tanks that have a capacity in excess of 55 000 L or 12,000 gallons;

    • (k) meters for the measurement of grease and other commodities having flow properties similar to grease;

    • (l) static measures that are used as containers in which a commodity is sold or offered for sale;

    • (m) packing devices;

    • (n) weighing machines designed for use in laboratories, scientific study or weighing precious metals and that are used for weighing precious metals or other commodities of comparable value, if they conform to applicable specifications for performance, installation and use established by these Regulations and if, prior to December 31, 1981, they are examined and certified as meeting such specifications;

    • (o) linear static measures; and

    • (p) devices used in the downstream petroleum trade to measure liquids carried in a permanent closed piping system, either to or from a place where they are processed, treated or stored, other than to a place where the product is consumed or processed and is no longer considered a hydrocarbon.

  • (2) A device is exempt from section 8 and subsection 15(1) of the Act if it is used exclusively to weigh or measure

    • (a) standard quantity commodities; or

    • (b) crude petroleum products.

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