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Pest Control Products Regulations

Version of section 41 from 2014-08-26 to 2016-03-28:

Marginal note:Application for authorization

  •  (1) A person who wishes to use a foreign product in respect of which a certificate of equivalency is in effect must apply to the Minister for an authorization under subsection 41(1) of the Act.

  • Marginal note:Contents

    (2) The application must include all of the following information:

    • (a) the person’s name, address and signature;

    • (b) the name of the foreign product;

    • (c) the number of the applicable certificate of equivalency;

    • (d) a description of the intended use of the foreign product and the location where it will be used; and

    • (e) the quantity of the foreign product required for that intended use for one growing season.

  • Marginal note:Issuance of certificate

    (3) If the Minister authorizes the use of the foreign product, she or he must issue a foreign product use certificate that sets out all of the following information:

    • (a) the identity of the certificate holder;

    • (b) the amount of the foreign product that may be imported and used under the certificate; and

    • (c) the location where the foreign product is to be used by the certificate holder.

  • Marginal note:Validity

    (4) A foreign product use certificate is valid for only one growing season and for only one importation. It is valid for one year after the day on which it is issued but ceases to be valid if the applicable certificate of equivalency ceases to be valid.

  • Marginal note:Not transferable

    (5) A foreign product use certificate is not transferable.

  • SOR/2014-24, s. 17

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