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Pest Control Products Regulations

Version of section 43 from 2006-06-06 to 2014-08-25:

Marginal note:Conditions of authorization

 The Minister must authorize a person to use an unregistered pest control product that is imported under an own-use import certificate if the product

  • (a) is a foreign product that is not an organism;

  • (b) is not under official re-evaluation or special review in the foreign country where it is registered;

  • (c) does not contain an active ingredient that is under re-evaluation or special review in Canada;

  • (d) does not contain a formulant that is on the List of Pest Control Product Formulants and Contaminants of Health or Environmental Concern and that has not been accepted for use in Canada;

  • (e) is the subject of a valid equivalency certificate;

  • (f) is intended for a use that is specified in the conditions of registration of the equivalent registered pest control product and will be imported in a quantity of not more than the amount that is required for that use for one growing season; and

  • (g) bears, in addition to any other label, an approved own-use import label.

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