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Energy Efficiency Regulations, 2016

Version of section 449 from 2017-06-28 to 2019-04-29:

Marginal note:Definitions

 The following definitions apply in this Subdivision.

CSA C654-10

CSA C654-10 means the CSA standard CAN/CSA-654-10 entitled Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Efficacy Measurements. (CSA C654-10)

CSA C654-14

CSA C654-14 means the CSA standard CAN/CSA-654-14 entitled Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Efficacy Measurements. (CSA C654-14)

fluorescent lamp ballast

fluorescent lamp ballast means a device that is

  • (a) designed to start and operate fluorescent lamps by

    • (i) providing the necessary voltage and current,

    • (ii) limiting the current during normal operation, and

    • (iii) if necessary to facilitate lamp operation, providing cathode heating;

  • (b) designed for input of 120 V, 277 V or 347 V; and

  • (c) designed to operate an F32T8, F34T12, F40T10 or F40T12 rapid-start fluorescent lamp or an F96T12ES, F96T12IS, F96T12HO or F96T12HO ES fluorescent lamp.

It does not include any of the following:

  • (d) a ballast that is designed to be used in an outdoor sign and to operate two F96T12HO fluorescent lamps in ambient temperatures at or below –28.9°C;

  • (e) a ballast that, by means of an integrated dimming capability, can reduce the output of the fluorescent lamp by 50% or more;

  • (f) a low-frequency T8 ballast that is designed and marketed only for use in an electromagnetic-interference-sensitive environment and that is sold in a package of 10 or fewer; or

  • (g) a program-start ballast that is designed to operate one or more T8 fluorescent lamps with a nominal overall length of 1 200 mm and a medium bi-pin base, and that delivers an average current of less than 140 mA to each lamp. (ballast pour lampes fluorescentes)

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