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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section B.02.130 from 2006-05-11 to 2019-04-14:

 [S]. Beer

  • (a) shall be the product of the alcoholic fermentation by yeast of an infusion of barley or wheat malt and hops or hop extract in potable water and shall be brewed in such a manner as to possess the aroma, taste and character commonly attributed to beer; and

  • (b) may have added to it during the course of manufacture any of the following ingredients:

    • (i) cereal grain,

    • (ii) carbohydrate matter,

    • (iii) salt,

    • (iv) hop oil,

    • (v) hop extract, if the hop extract is added to the wort before or during cooking,

    • (vi) pre-isomerized hop extract,

    • (vi.1) reduced isomerized hop extract,

    • (vii) Irish moss seaweed of the species Chondrus crispus,

    • (viii) carbon dioxide,

    • (ix) caramel,

    • (x) dextrin,

    • (xi) food enzymes,

    • (xii) stabilizing agents,

    • (xiii) pH adjusting and water correcting agents,

    • (xiv) Class I preservatives,

    • (xv) Class II preservatives,

    • (xvi) sequestering agent,

    • (xvii) yeast foods,

    • (xviii) any of the following fining agents: acacia gum, activated carbon, aluminum silicate, bentonite, calcium silicate, cellulose, China clay, diatomaceous earth, gelatin, isinglass, magnesium silicate, Nylon 66, polyvinylpolypyrrolidone, silica gel and wood shavings derived from beech, cherry, hazelnut and oak wood,

    • (xix) polyvinylpyrrolidone,

    • (xx) ammonium persulphate,

    • (xxi) in the case of wort, dimethylpolysiloxane, and

    • (xxii) in the case of mash, hydrogen peroxide.

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