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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section B.02.132 from 2006-03-22 to 2019-04-14:

 Where a beer, ale, stout, porter or malt liquor contains the percentage of alcohol by volume set out in Column I of an item of the table, the qualified common name or common name set out in Column II of that item shall be used in any advertisement of and on the label of the beer, ale, stout, porter or malt liquor.


Column IColumn II
ItemPercentage alcohol by volumeQualified common name or Common name
11.1 to 2.5Extra Light Beer, Extra Light Ale, Extra Light Stout, Extra Light Porter
22.6 to 4.0Light Beer, Light Ale, Light Stout, Light Porter
34.1 to 5.5Beer, Ale, Stout, Porter
45.6 to 8.5Strong Beer, Strong Ale, Strong Stout, Strong Porter, Malt Liquor
58.6 or moreExtra Strong Beer, Extra Strong Ale, Extra Strong Stout, Extra Strong Porter, Strong Malt Liquor
  • SOR/88-418, s. 2

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