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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section B.08.020 from 2022-07-20 to 2024-05-14:

 [S]. Partly Skimmed Milk with Added Milk Solids or Partially Skimmed Milk with Added Milk Solids

  • (a) shall be partly skimmed milk to which has been added skim milk powder, milk powder, evaporated milk, evaporated partly skimmed milk or evaporated skim milk or any combination thereof;

  • (b) shall contain not less than 10 per cent milk solids not including fat; and

  • (c) shall, notwithstanding sections D.01.009 and D.01.010, contain added vitamin A in such an amount that a reasonable daily intake of the milk contains not less than 1,200 International Units and not more than 2,500 International Units of vitamin A; and

  • (d) shall contain 2 μg of vitamin D per 100 mL.

  • SOR/2022-168, s. 35

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