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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section C.05.003 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-03-24:

 Despite sections C.01.014, C.08.002 and C.08.003, no person shall sell or import a drug for the purposes of a clinical trial unless

  • (a) the person is authorized under this Division;

  • (b) the person complies with this Division and sections C.01.015, C.01.036, C.01.037 to C.01.040, C.01.040.2, C.01.064 to C.01.067, C.01.070, C.01.131, C.01.133 to C.01.136, and C.01.435; and

  • (c) if the drug is to be imported, the person has a representative in Canada who is responsible for the sale of the drug.

  • SOR/2001-203, s. 4

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