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Assisted Human Reproduction Act

Version of section 14 from 2004-03-29 to 2012-06-28:

The following provision is not in force.

Marginal note:Information to be collected by licensees

  •  (1) A licensee shall not accept the donation of human reproductive material or an in vitro embryo from any person for the purpose of a controlled activity, and shall not perform a controlled activity on any person, unless the licensee has obtained from that person the health reporting information required to be collected under the regulations.

  • Marginal note:Requirements of this Act to be conveyed

    (2) Before accepting a donation of human reproductive material or of an in vitro embryo from a person or accepting health reporting information respecting a person, a licensee shall

    • (a) inform the person in writing of the requirements of this Act respecting, as the case may be,

      • (i) the retention, use, provision to other persons and destruction of the human reproductive material or in vitro embryo, or

      • (ii) the retention, use, disclosure and destruction of the health reporting information;

    • (b) to the extent required by the regulations, make counselling services available to the person and ensure that the person receives them;

    • (c) obtain the written consent of the person to the application of the requirements referred to in paragraph (a); and

    • (d) in accordance with the regulations, provide the person with the information that the Agency makes available to the public under paragraph 19(i).

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