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Bank Act

Version of the schedule from 2020-05-09 to 2021-03-05:

SCHEDULE II(Section 14)

As at December 31, 2019

Name of BankHead Office
Amex Bank of CanadaOntario
Bank of China (Canada)Ontario
Bank One CanadaOntario
BofA Canada BankOntario
Cidel Bank CanadaOntario
Citco Bank CanadaOntario
Citibank CanadaOntario
CTBC Bank Corp. (Canada)British Columbia
Habib Canadian BankOntario
HSBC Bank CanadaBritish Columbia
ICICI Bank CanadaOntario
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada)Ontario
J.P. Morgan Bank CanadaOntario
J.P. Morgan CanadaOntario
KEB Hana Bank CanadaOntario
Mega International Commercial Bank (Canada)Ontario
SBI Canada BankOntario
Shinhan Bank CanadaOntario
Société Générale (Canada)Quebec
UBS Bank (Canada)Ontario
Walmart Canada BankOntario
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