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Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Version of section 280.3 from 2005-06-28 to 2012-06-21:

Marginal note:Duties of owner

  •  (1) Every owner of a ship shall take all reasonable care to ensure that the ship complies, and all persons on board the ship comply, with

    • (a) Division 3 of Part 7 and regulations made under that Division; and

    • (b) orders and directions of, and prohibitions and requirements imposed by, the Minister, enforcement officers and review officers in connection with obligations or prohibitions under that Division or those regulations.

  • Marginal note:Liability of directors and officers of owners

    (2) If a ship commits an offence arising out of a contravention of Division 3 of Part 7, a regulation made under that Division or an order or direction of, or prohibition or requirement imposed by, the Minister, an enforcement officer or a review officer in connection with an obligation or prohibition under that Division or a regulation made under that Division, every director or officer of a corporation that is an owner of the ship who is in a position to direct or influence the corporation’s policies or activities in respect of conduct that is the subject-matter of the offence is a party to and guilty of the offence, and is liable to the punishment provided for the offence, whether or not the ship has been prosecuted or convicted.

  • 2005, c. 23, s. 41

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