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Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act

Version of section 40.1 from 2019-06-21 to 2019-07-11:

Marginal note:Report on activities of Service

  •  (1) If the Review Committee is of the opinion that the Service may not be carrying out, or may not have carried out, its activities in accordance with this Act and the regulations, the Review Committee shall submit a written report to the Minister on those activities. The Review Committee shall provide the Director with a copy of its report.

  • Marginal note:Report and comments to Attorney General of Canada

    (2) The Minister shall provide the Attorney General of Canada with a copy of any report that the Minister receives under subsection (1), together with any comment that he or she considers appropriate in the circumstances.

  • Marginal note:Copies to Review Committee

    (3) A copy of anything provided to the Attorney General of Canada under subsection (2) shall be provided to the Review Committee as soon as the circumstances permit.

  • 2019, c. 13, s. 109

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