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Cannabis Act

Version of the schedule from 2018-06-21 to 2018-10-16:

The following schedule is not in force.

SCHEDULE 3(Subsection 2(4), paragraphs 8(1)(a) and (c), subparagraphs 9(1)(a)(i) and (b)(i), paragraphs 51(2)(a) and (c) to (f) and subsection 151(2))

Equivalent Amounts

Column 1Column 2
ItemClass of CannabisQuantity that is equivalent to 1 g of dried cannabis
1dried cannabis1 g
2fresh cannabis5 g
3solids containing cannabis15 g
4non-solids containing cannabis70 g
5cannabis solid concentrates0.25 g
6cannabis non-solid concentrates0.25 g
7cannabis plant seeds1 seed

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