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Cannabis Act

Version of the schedule from 2022-12-02 to 2024-04-01:

SCHEDULE 3(Subsection 2(4), paragraphs 8(1)(a) and (c), subparagraphs 9(1)(a)(i) and (b)(i), paragraphs 51(2)(a) and (c) to (f) and subsection 151(2))

Equivalent Amounts

Column 1Column 2
ItemClass of CannabisQuantity that is equivalent to 1 g of dried cannabis
1dried cannabis1 g
2fresh cannabis5 g
3solids containing cannabis15 g
4non-solids containing cannabis, other than cannabis beverages70 g
5cannabis concentrates0.25 g
6cannabis beverages570 g
7cannabis plant seeds1 seed
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  • SOR/2022-252, s. 3

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