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Criminal Code

Version of section 641 from 2003-01-01 to 2011-08-14:

Marginal note:Calling jurors who have stood by

  •  (1) If a full jury and any alternate jurors have not been sworn and no names remain to be called, the names of those who have been directed to stand by shall be called again in the order in which their names were drawn and the jurors necessary to make a full jury and any alternate jurors shall be sworn, unless excused by the judge or challenged by the accused or the prosecutor.

  • Marginal note:Other jurors becoming available

    (2) Where, before a juror is sworn pursuant to subsection (1), other jurors in the panel become available, the prosecutor may require the cards of those jurors to be put into and drawn from the box in accordance with section 631, and those jurors shall be challenged, directed to stand by, excused or sworn, as the case may be, before the jurors who were originally directed to stand by are called again.

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  • 2002, c. 13, s. 55

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