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Criminal Code

Version of section 8 from 2003-01-01 to 2003-03-31:

Marginal note:Application to territories

  •  (1) The provisions of this Act apply throughout Canada except

  • Marginal note:Application of criminal law of England

    (2) The criminal law of England that was in force in a province immediately before April 1, 1955 continues in force in the province except as altered, varied, modified or affected by this Act or any other Act of the Parliament of Canada.

  • Marginal note:Common law principles continued

    (3) Every rule and principle of the common law that renders any circumstance a justification or excuse for an act or a defence to a charge continues in force and applies in respect of proceedings for an offence under this Act or any other Act of Parliament except in so far as they are altered by or are inconsistent with this Act or any other Act of Parliament.

  • R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 8
  • 1993, c. 28, s. 78
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