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Defence Production Act

Version of the schedule from 2002-12-31 to 2014-05-15:

SCHEDULE(Section 35)Controlled Goods List

  • 1 The following goods listed in the schedule to the Export Control List made under section 3 of the Export and Import Permits Act are controlled goods:

    • (a) Group 2: goods listed in item 2001 that are prohibited firearms, as defined in paragraph (c) of the definition prohibited firearm in subsection 84(1) of the Criminal Code;

    • (b) Group 2: goods listed in item 2003 that are ammunition with a calibre greater than 12.7 mm;

    • (c) Group 2: goods listed in items 2002 and 2004 to 2022;

    • (d) Group 5: goods listed in item 5504; and

    • (e) Group 6: all goods listed.

  • 2000, c. 31, s. 7

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