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Canada Elections Act

Version of section 222 from 2005-04-01 to 2019-05-10:

Marginal note:Register of electors

  •  (1) The Chief Electoral Officer shall maintain a register of electors who are temporarily resident outside Canada in which is entered the name, date of birth, civic and mailing addresses, sex and electoral district of each elector who has filed an application for registration and special ballot and who

    • (a) at any time before making the application, resided in Canada;

    • (b) has been residing outside Canada for less than five consecutive years immediately before making the application; and

    • (c) intends to return to Canada to resume residence in the future.

  • Marginal note:Exception

    (2) Paragraph (1)(b) does not apply to an elector who is

    • (a) employed outside Canada in the federal public administration or the public service of a province;

    • (b) employed outside Canada by an international organization of which Canada is a member and to which Canada contributes;

    • (c) a person who lives with an elector referred to in paragraph (a) or (b); or

    • (d) a person who lives with a member of the Canadian Forces or with a person referred to in paragraph 191(d).

  • 2000, c. 9, s. 222
  • 2003, c. 22, s. 103

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