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Canada Elections Act

Version of section 251 from 2003-01-01 to 2019-06-12:

Marginal note:Application for registration and special ballot

  •  (1) Before the 10th day before polling day, each liaison officer shall ensure that an application for registration and special ballot in the prescribed form is completed for every eligible elector of the correctional institution who wishes to vote, indicating his or her place of ordinary residence as determined under subsection (2).

  • Marginal note:Residence of elector

    (2) The place of ordinary residence of an elector is the first of the following places for which the elector knows the civic and mailing addresses:

    • (a) his or her residence before being incarcerated;

    • (b) the residence of the spouse, the common-law partner, a relative or a dependant of the elector, a relative of his or her spouse or common-law partner or a person with whom the elector would live but for his or her incarceration;

    • (c) the place of his or her arrest; or

    • (d) the last court where the elector was convicted and sentenced.

  • Marginal note:Optional information

    (3) In addition to providing his or her place of ordinary residence, the Chief Electoral Officer may request that the elector provide other information that the Chief Electoral Officer considers necessary to implement agreements made under section 55, but the elector is not required to provide that information.

  • Marginal note:Validation

    (4) The liaison officer shall validate the application for registration and special ballot by signing it and indicating on it the name of the electoral district that includes the place of ordinary residence as determined under subsection (2).

  • Marginal note:Dispute about electoral district

    (5) If a dispute arises as to in which electoral district an elector may vote, the elector may refer the matter to the returning officer for the electoral district where the correctional institution is located, and the returning officer shall make a final determination in accordance with the process for revising lists of electors.

  • 2000, c. 9, s. 251, c. 12, s. 40

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