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Canada National Parks Act

Version of section 2 from 2005-02-24 to 2015-02-25:

Marginal note:Definitions

  •  (1) The definitions in this subsection apply in this Act.

    community plan

    plan communautaire

    community plan means a land use plan for a park community. (plan communautaire)

    ecological integrity

    intégrité écologique

    ecological integrity means, with respect to a park, a condition that is determined to be characteristic of its natural region and likely to persist, including abiotic components and the composition and abundance of native species and biological communities, rates of change and supporting processes. (intégrité écologique)

    enforcement officer

    agent de l’autorité

    enforcement officer means a person designated under section 19 or belonging to a class of persons so designated. (agent de l’autorité)



    Minister means the Minister responsible for the Parks Canada Agency. (ministre)



    park means a national park of Canada named and described in Schedule 1. (parc)

    park community


    park community means any of the following communities:

    • (a) the visitor centre of Field in Yoho National Park of Canada;

    • (b) the town of Banff in Banff National Park of Canada;

    • (c) the visitor centre of Lake Louise in Banff National Park of Canada;

    • (d) the visitor centre of Waterton Lakes Park in Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada;

    • (e) the town of Jasper in Jasper National Park of Canada;

    • (f) the visitor centre of Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park of Canada; or

    • (g) the visitor centre of Wasagaming in Riding Mountain National Park of Canada. (collectivité)

    park reserve


    park reserve means a national park reserve of Canada named and described in Schedule 2. (réserve)

    park warden

    garde de parc

    park warden means a person designated under section 18. (garde de parc)

    public lands

    terres domaniales

    public lands means lands, including submerged lands, that belong to Her Majesty in right of Canada or that the Government of Canada has the power to dispose of, whether or not such disposal is subject to the terms of any agreement between the Government of Canada and the government of a province. (terres domaniales)



    superintendent means an officer appointed under the Parks Canada Agency Act who holds the office of superintendent of a park or of a national historic site of Canada to which this Act applies, and includes any person appointed under that Act who is authorized by such an officer to act on the officer’s behalf. (directeur)

  • Marginal note:Aboriginal rights

    (2) For greater certainty, nothing in this Act shall be construed so as to abrogate or derogate from the protection provided for existing aboriginal or treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada by the recognition and affirmation of those rights in section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

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