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Plant Breeders’ Rights Act

Version of section 63 from 2015-02-27 to 2020-10-05:

Marginal note:Register

 The Commissioner shall keep a register of plant breeders’ rights and, subject to the payment of any fee required under this Act to be paid in the case of any entry in the register, the Commissioner shall enter in it

  • (a) in relation to each plant variety that is the subject of those rights, the prescribed category to which it belongs;

  • (b) the denomination of the variety, and any change to that denomination;

  • (c) the full name and address of the breeder of that variety;

  • (d) the name and address of the person whom the Commissioner is satisfied, in the manner provided by or under this Act, ought to be registered as the holder of the plant breeder’s rights respecting that variety;

  • (e) the date of the grant of plant breeder’s rights respecting that variety;

  • (f) the date of, and the reason for, any termination or invalidation of plant breeder’s rights;

  • (g) if plant breeder’s rights are the subject of a compulsory licence under section 32, a statement to that effect;

  • (h) the prescribed particulars of each application for the grant of plant breeder’s rights and of any abandonment or withdrawal of the application; and

  • (i) the prescribed particulars, subject to the provisions of this Act and the regulations, that are considered by the Commissioner to be appropriate for entry in the register.

  • 1990, c. 20, s. 63
  • 2015, c. 2, s. 41
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