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Pilotage Act

Version of section 2 from 2019-08-07 to 2023-01-11:

Marginal note:Purpose and principles

 The purpose of this Act is to set out a framework for the provision of pilotage services in accordance with the following principles:

  • (a) that pilotage services be provided in a manner that promotes and contributes to the safety of navigation, including the safety of the public and marine personnel, and that protects human health, property and the environment;

  • (b) that pilotage services be provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner;

  • (c) that risk management tools be used effectively and that evolving technologies be taken into consideration; and

  • (d) that an Authority’s pilotage charges be set at levels that allow the Authority to be financially self-sufficient.

  • R.S., 1985, c. P-14, s. 2
  • 2001, c. 26, s. 316
  • 2019, c. 29, s. 226
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