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Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

Version of section 21 from 2006-12-12 to 2007-04-14:

The following provision is not in force.

Marginal note:Conduct of proceedings

  •  (1) Proceedings before the Tribunal are to be conducted as informally and expeditiously as the requirements of natural justice and the rules of procedure allow.

  • Marginal note:Tribunal rules of procedure

    (2) The Chairperson of the Tribunal may make rules of procedure governing the practice and procedure before the Tribunal, including, but not limited to, rules governing

    • (a) the giving of notices to parties;

    • (b) the addition of parties and interested persons to the proceedings;

    • (c) the summoning of witnesses;

    • (d) the production and service of documents;

    • (e) discovery proceedings; and

    • (f) pre-hearing conferences.

  • Marginal note:RCMP

    (3) The Chairperson must consult with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police before making any rules and must ensure that the rules take that organization’s security and confidentiality needs into account.

  • Marginal note:Publication of proposed rules

    (4) A copy of each rule that the Chairperson proposes to make must be published in the Canada Gazette, and a reasonable opportunity must be given to interested persons to make representations with respect to it.

  • Marginal note:Exception

    (5) A proposed rule need not be published more than once, whether or not it has been amended as a result of any representations.

  • 2005, c. 46, s. 21
  • 2006, c. 9, s. 201
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