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Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act

Version of section 223 from 2005-04-01 to 2014-10-31:

Marginal note:Notice

  •  (1) A party who refers a grievance to adjudication must, in accordance with the regulations, give notice of the reference to the Board and specify in the notice whether an adjudicator is named in any applicable collective agreement or has otherwise been selected by the parties and, if no adjudicator is so named or has been selected, whether the party requests the establishment of a board of adjudication.

  • Marginal note:Action to be taken by Chairperson

    (2) On receipt of the notice by the Board, the Chairperson must

    • (a) if the grievance is one arising out of a collective agreement and an adjudicator is named in the agreement, refer the matter to the adjudicator;

    • (b) if the parties have selected an adjudicator, refer the matter to the adjudicator;

    • (c) if a board of adjudication has been requested and the other party has not objected in the time provided for in the regulations, establish the board and refer the matter to it; and

    • (d) in any other case, refer the matter to an adjudicator designated by the Chairperson from amongst the members of the Board.

  • Marginal note:Conference

    (3) The Chairperson may, at any time after receipt of the notice, direct the parties to attend a conference in order to attempt to settle or simplify the issues in dispute.

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