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Veterans’ Land Act

Version of section 46 from 2002-12-31 to 2018-03-28:

Marginal note:Grant to Indian veteran

  •  (1) The Director may grant an amount not exceeding two thousand three hundred and twenty dollars to an Indian veteran who settles on Indian reserve lands, the said grant to be paid to the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development who shall have the control and management thereof on behalf of the Indian veteran.

  • Marginal note:Disbursements by Minister

    (2) A grant made pursuant to subsection (1) shall be disbursed by the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development on behalf of the Indian veteran only for one or more of the following purposes:

    • (a) the purchase of essential building materials and other costs of construction;

    • (b) the clearing and other preparation of land for cultivation;

    • (c) the purchase of essential farm livestock and machinery;

    • (d) the purchase of machinery or equipment essential to forestry;

    • (e) the purchase of commercial fishing equipment;

    • (f) the purchase of trapping or fur farming equipment but not breeding stock;

    • (g) the purchase of essential household equipment;

    • (h) the acquisition of occupational rights to lands, vacant or improved, located within the boundaries of any Indian reserve; and

    • (i) the purchase of improvements on the Indian reserve lands at the time the Indian veteran is approved for a grant under this section.

  • Marginal note:Grant not in addition to other grant or sale

    (3) An Indian veteran on whose behalf a grant has been made under this section is not entitled to enter into a contract with the Director under section 11 or 17, and an Indian veteran who has entered into a contract with the Director under section 11, 17 or 26 is not eligible for a grant under this section unless, in either case, all disbursements made under this Act on behalf of or in respect of the veteran together with interest thereon at the rate of three and one-half per cent per annum are repaid to the Director.

  • Marginal note:Definition of Indian reserve

    (4) In this section, Indian reserve means

    • (a) a reserve, as defined in the Indian Act; or

    • (b) Category IA land or Category IA-N land, as defined in the Cree-Naskapi (of Quebec) Act.

  • R.S., 1970, c. V-4, s. 46
  • 1984, c. 18, s. 217
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