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Weights and Measures Act

Version of section 2 from 2019-06-21 to 2021-01-10:

Marginal note:Definitions

 In this Act,


dealer means any person who in the course of that person’s business sells, consigns, imports, leases or lends devices; (fournisseur)


device means any weight, weighing machine, static measure or measuring machine and includes any equipment and accessories attached to or used in conjunction with the device that have or can have an effect on the accuracy of the device; (instrument)


inspector means a person who is designated under subsection 16.1(1) to verify compliance with this Act; (inspecteur)

local standard

local standard means any standard designated by the Minister under section 13; (étalon local)


measure, when used as a verb, includes weigh and, when used as a noun, includes weight; (mesure et mesurer)

measuring machine

measuring machine means any machine that measures length, area, volume or capacity, temperature or time; (appareil de mesure)


Minister means the Minister of Industry; (ministre)


prescribed means prescribed by the regulations; (Version anglaise seulement)

reference standard

reference standard means a standard that

  • (a) represents or registers a unit of measurement referred to in Schedule I or II or that represents or registers a multiple or fraction of such a unit of measurement,

  • (b) has been calibrated and certified by the National Research Council of Canada, and

  • (c) is or is to be used as a standard for the purpose of determining the accuracy of a local standard; (étalon de référence)

static measure

static measure means any measure that measures length, volume or capacity and does not have a moving or movable part that has or can have an effect on the accuracy of the measure; (mesure matérialisée)


trade means the selling, purchasing, exchanging, consigning, leasing or providing of any commodity, right, facility or service on the basis of measure and includes the business of providing facilities for measuring; (commerce)


trader means any person who trades in the course of business; (commerçant)

weighing machine

weighing machine means any machine that measures mass or weight. (appareil de pesage)

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