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Assisted Human Reproduction Act

Version of section 19 from 2004-03-29 to 2012-06-28:

The following provision is not in force.

Marginal note:Information available from Agency

 The Agency shall make available for inspection by the public in accordance with the regulations any information that is prescribed by the regulations relating to

  • (a) this Act, the regulations under this Act and policy directions under section 25;

  • (b) the by-laws of the Agency;

  • (c) licences issued by the Agency;

  • (d) applications for, and amendments or renewals of, licences;

  • (e) notices of proceedings in respect of the issuance, amendment, renewal, suspension, restoration or revocation of licences;

  • (f) information and observations provided to the Agency in respect of any proceedings respecting licences, other than the identity of — or information that can reasonably be expected to be used in the identification of — any donor of human reproductive material or an in vitro embryo, any person who has undergone an assisted reproduction procedure or any person who was conceived by means of such a procedure;

  • (g) decisions of the Agency arising from any proceedings respecting licences;

  • (h) the names and addresses of licensees;

  • (i) aggregated outcomes of assisted reproduction procedures performed by licensees;

  • (j) measures taken under section 44;

  • (k) the enforcement of this Act;

  • (l) agreements entered into under section 58;

  • (m) agreements entered into under section 68; and

  • (n) reports and other documentation provided to or by the Agency pursuant to the Agency's power to monitor and evaluate developments in assisted human reproduction and other matters to which this Act applies.

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