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Bank Act

Version of section 321 from 2006-11-28 to 2012-12-18:

Marginal note:Statement of auditor

  •  (1) An auditor of a bank that

    • (a) resigns,

    • (b) receives a notice or otherwise learns of a meeting of shareholders called for the purpose of revoking the appointment of the auditor, or

    • (c) receives a notice or otherwise learns of a meeting of directors or shareholders at which another firm of accountants is to be appointed in its stead, whether because of the auditor’s resignation or revocation of appointment or because the auditor’s term of office has expired or is about to expire,

    shall submit to the bank and the Superintendent a written statement giving the reasons for the resignation or the reasons why the auditor opposes any proposed action.

  • Marginal note:Other statements

    (1.1) In the case of a proposed replacement of an auditor whether because of removal or the expiry of their term, the bank shall make a statement of the reasons for the proposed replacement and the proposed replacement auditor may make a statement in which they comment on those reasons.

  • Marginal note:Statements to be sent

    (2) The bank shall send a copy of the statements referred to in subsections (1) and (1.1) without delay to every shareholder entitled to vote at the annual meeting of shareholders and to the Superintendent.

  • 1991, c. 46, s. 321
  • 2005, c. 54, s. 73

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