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Excise Act

Version of section 170.1 from 2007-02-21 to 2017-12-13:

Marginal note:Reduced rates — production

  •  (1) With respect to the first 75,000 hectolitres of beer and malt liquor brewed in Canada per year by a licensed brewer and any person related or associated with the brewer, there shall be imposed, levied and collected on each of those hectolitres the duties of excise set out in Part II.1 of the schedule, which duties shall be paid to the collector as provided in this Act, and section 170 does not apply to those hectolitres.

  • Marginal note:Reduced rates — packaging

    (2) If the beer or malt liquor described by subsection (1) is packaged by a licensed brewer (in this subsection, referred to as the “packaging brewer”) other than the licensed brewer or related or associated person referred to in that subsection, there shall be imposed, levied and collected on every hectolitre of beer or malt liquor packaged by the packaging brewer duties of excise at the rates that applied to the beer or malt liquor under subsection (1).

  • Marginal note:Exclusion of exports and de-alcoholized beer

    (3) In subsection (1), the reference to “first 75,000 hectolitres of beer and malt liquor brewed in Canada” does not include

    • (a) beer or malt liquor that is exported or deemed to be exported under section 173; and

    • (b) beer or malt liquor containing not more than 0.5 % absolute ethyl alcohol by volume.

  • Marginal note:Treatment of contract production

    (4) If, at any time, beer or malt liquor is brewed by a licensed brewer for another licensed brewer under an agreement with the other brewer, subsection (1) applies as though it had been brewed by the brewer who has brewed the greater volume of beer and malt liquor during the year up to that time.

  • Marginal note:Election for related or associated licensees

    (5) If a licensed brewer is related or associated with one or more other licensed brewers, each of the brewers must file with the Minister an election in a form and manner satisfactory to the Minister that allocates the 75,000 hectolitre quantity amongst the brewers. The election must be filed no later than the filing due date of the first return in which the brewer reports duties that are imposed, levied and collected under subsection (1).

  • Marginal note:Brewer formed by business combination

    (6) For the purposes of this section, if, in a year, two or more brewers (each of which is referred to in this subsection as a “predecessor brewer”) are amalgamated, merged or otherwise combined to form a new brewer, the following rules apply:

    • (a) the aggregate production of beer and malt liquor of the new and predecessor brewers for that year will be used for the purposes of applying subsection (1);

    • (b) the new brewer must determine the amount of duty that would have been imposed, levied and collected under subsection (1) on the aggregate production; and

    • (c) the new brewer is liable for and must, within 60 days of the combination, report and pay any difference between the amount calculated under paragraph (b) and the amounts paid by the predecessor brewers.

  • 2007, c. 2, s. 61
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