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Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act

Version of section 111 from 2002-12-31 to 2005-08-03:

Marginal note:Definitions

 The definitions in this section apply in this Part.

designated regulatory agency

organisme administratif désigné

designated regulatory agency means an agency named in the schedule, referred to in a land claim agreement as an independent regulatory agency. (organisme administratif désigné)


projet de développement

development means any undertaking, or any part of an undertaking, that is carried out on land or water and, except where the context otherwise indicates, wholly within the Mackenzie Valley, and includes measures carried out by a department or agency of government leading to the establishment of a park subject to the Canada National Parks Act and an acquisition of lands pursuant to the Historic Sites and Monuments Act. (projet de développement)

environmental assessment

évaluation environnementale

environmental assessment means an examination of a proposal for a development undertaken by the Review Board pursuant to section 126. (évaluation environnementale)

environmental impact review

étude d’impact

environmental impact review means an examination of a proposal for a development undertaken by a review panel established under section 132. (étude d’impact)

follow-up program

programme de suivi

follow-up program means a program for evaluating

  • (a) the soundness of an environmental assessment or environmental impact review of a proposal for a development; and

  • (b) the effectiveness of the mitigative or remedial measures imposed as conditions of approval of the proposal. (programme de suivi)

impact on the environment

répercussions environnementales ou répercussions sur l’environnement

impact on the environment means any effect on land, water, air or any other component of the environment, as well as on wildlife harvesting, and includes any effect on the social and cultural environment or on heritage resources. (répercussions environnementales ou répercussions sur l’environnement)

mitigative or remedial measure

mesures correctives ou d’atténuation

mitigative or remedial measure means a measure for the control, reduction or elimination of an adverse impact of a development on the environment, including a restorative measure. (mesures correctives ou d’atténuation)

preliminary screening

examen préalable

preliminary screening means an examination of a proposal for a development undertaken pursuant to section 124. (examen préalable)

regulatory authority

autorité administrative

regulatory authority, in relation to a development, means a body or person responsible for issuing a licence, permit or other authorization required for the development under any federal or territorial law, but does not include a designated regulatory agency or a local government. (autorité administrative)

responsible minister

ministre compétent

responsible minister, in relation to a proposal for a development, means any minister of the Crown in right of Canada or of the territorial government having jurisdiction in relation to the development under federal or territorial law. (ministre compétent)

Review Board


Review Board means the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board established by subsection 112(1). (Office)

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  • 2000, c. 32, s. 55

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