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Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act

Version of section 90 from 2002-12-31 to 2005-08-03:

Marginal note:Regulations respecting the use of land

 The Governor in Council may, following consultation by the federal Minister with first nations, make regulations respecting the protection, control and use of lands in the Mackenzie Valley and, in particular, may make regulations

  • (a) prohibiting uses of land or classes of uses except under the authority of permits or, where the regulations so provide, under the written authority of an inspector;

  • (b) respecting the issuance, amendment, renewal, suspension, cancellation, and approval of the assignment, of permits;

  • (c) respecting eligibility for permits, prescribing the conditions or kinds of conditions that a board may include in permits and respecting the duration of permits;

  • (d) providing for the issuance to permittees by a board of authorizations for uses of land not authorized in their permits;

  • (e) prescribing the procedure to be followed and forms to be used by applicants for permits, the information to be submitted in connection with applications and the manner of its submission, and respecting the fees to be paid on the filing of applications;

  • (f) respecting fees to be paid by permittees in respect of permitted uses of lands belonging to Her Majesty in right of Canada or lands that Her Majesty has power to dispose of, other than such lands the administration and control of which has been transferred by the Governor in Council to the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories;

  • (g) prescribing classes to which permits referred to in an instrument of delegation under section 70 must belong;

  • (h) specifying the amount, or the manner of determining the amount, of the security referred to in subsection 71(1) or empowering a board to fix the amount of that security, subject to any maximum that may be specified for that purpose, prescribing the form and conditions of the security, and specifying the circumstances and manner in which it shall be refunded;

  • (i) prescribing the form of the register to be maintained by a board pursuant to section 72 and the information to be entered in it, and respecting the fees, if any, to be paid to examine the register or to obtain copies from it;

  • (j) respecting the power of inspectors to order the taking of measures pursuant to subsection 86(1) or (2);

  • (k) authorizing inspectors to enter and inspect lands to which an application relates;

  • (l) respecting the restoration of lands to which a permit applies;

  • (m) authorizing a board or an inspector to relieve permittees from specified obligations under the regulations; and

  • (n) authorizing a board or an inspector to require permittees to submit reports to them on specified matters.

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