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Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act

Version of section 73.22 from 2019-06-21 to 2024-05-28:

Marginal note:Publication

 In the following cases, the Centre shall make public, as soon as feasible, the nature of the violation or the default, as the case may be, the name of the person or entity and the amount of the applicable penalty:

  • (a) a person or entity is deemed to have committed a violation under subsection 73.15(1) or (3);

  • (b) a person or entity is served with a notice of a decision made under subsection 73.15(2) indicating that they have committed a violation;

  • (c) a person or entity enters into a compliance agreement with the Centre;

  • (d) a person or entity is issued a notice of default in respect of a compliance agreement they have entered into with the Centre and they

    • (i) pay the amount they are liable to pay under subsection 73.18(1),

    • (ii) are served with a notice of a decision made under subsection 73.19(2) confirming the Centre’s decision that the compliance agreement has not been complied with, or

    • (iii) are deemed under subsection 73.19(3) to have not complied with the compliance agreement.

  • 2006, c. 12, s. 40
  • 2019, c. 29, s. 111

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