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Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations

Version of section 5.1 from 2006-03-22 to 2020-02-03:

  •  (1) Notwithstanding section 4 of the Act, a manufacturer may ship from one province to another, or deliver to any person for the purpose of so shipping, a vehicle of a prescribed class manufactured in Canada that does not bear the national safety mark if

    • (a) the manufacturer files with the Minister a declaration, signed by that person or that person’s duly authorized representative, setting out the information referred to in subsection (2);

    • (b) the vehicle is being shipped or delivered for the purpose of exhibition, demonstration, evaluation or testing; and

    • (c) the vehicle is destroyed or returned to the province of origin within one year.

  • (2) A declaration made pursuant to subsection (1) shall set out the following information:

    • (a) the name and address of the manufacturer of the vehicle;

    • (b) the month and year the vehicle was manufactured;

    • (c) the class, make, model and vehicle identification number of the vehicle;

    • (d) the use to be made of the vehicle;

    • (e) the estimated period of time the vehicle will be used on public roads;

    • (f) whether the vehicle will be destroyed or returned to the province of origin after completion of the purpose for which it was shipped or delivered; and

    • (g) the date the vehicle will be destroyed or returned to the province of origin.

  • (3) The declarations made in accordance with subsection (2)

    • (a) shall be filed prior to shipping or delivering the vehicle; or

    • (b) in the case of a company whose world production of vehicles is 2,500 or more a year, may be filed with the Minister quarterly.

  • SOR/95-494, s. 1

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