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Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations

Version of section 6.6 from 2020-02-04 to 2024-06-19:

  •  (1) Every final-stage manufacturer shall choose a date of manufacture for a completed vehicle that may be no earlier than the date specified by the incomplete vehicle manufacturer on its information label but no later than the date manufacturing operations on the vehicle are completed by the final-stage manufacturer and shall

    • (a) complete the incomplete vehicle in such a manner that the completed vehicle conforms to the standards prescribed for a completed vehicle of that prescribed class as of the date chosen by the final-stage manufacturer; and

    • (b) apply to the completed vehicle a compliance label in accordance with section 6, except that

      • (i) the date of manufacture referred to in paragraph 6(1)(b) is the date of manufacture chosen by the final-stage manufacturer, and

      • (ii) subject to subsection (2), the GVWR and GAWRs shall be those set out on the label applied by the previous manufacturer.

  • (2) If a final-stage manufacturer increases the GVWR or the GAWRs above those referred to in paragraphs 6.1(1)(d) and (e) and subsection 6.4(4) or new ratings have been displayed on an intermediate manufacturer’s information label, the final-stage manufacturer shall ensure that the new ratings are displayed on the compliance label for the completed vehicle and

    • (a) are increased in accordance with the written recommendations of the incomplete vehicle manufacturer or, if applicable, of another previous manufacturer; or

    • (b) are within the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle’s components when the vehicle is loaded for its intended use as a completed vehicle.

  • SOR/2002-55, s. 5
  • SOR/2020-22, s. 16

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