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Narcotic Control Regulations

Version of section 65.1 from 2014-03-07 to 2016-08-23:

  •  (1) The person in charge of a hospital who permits dried marihuana to be sold or provided under subsection 65(2.1) to an out-patient or an individual responsible for that patient shall ensure that

    • (a) in any 30-day period the total quantity of dried marihuana that is sold or provided to that person does not exceed 30 times the daily quantity referred to in subparagraph 65.2(c)(iii); and

    • (b) not more than 150 g of dried marihuana is sold or provided to that person at any one time.

  • (2) If the person to whom dried marihuana is sold or provided as described in subsection (1) returns it to the hospital, the person in charge of the hospital may, subject to paragraph (1)(b), permit it to be replaced with an equal quantity of dried marihuana.

  • (3) The quantity of any dried marihuana that is replaced under subsection (2) is to be excluded for the purpose of calculating the total quantity referred to in paragraph (1)(a).

  • SOR/2013-119, s. 226
  • SOR/2014-51, s. 3(E)
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