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Seeds Regulations

Version of section 63 from 2006-03-22 to 2009-06-17:

 In this Part,


applicant means any person who

  • (a) resides permanently in Canada,

  • (b) applies to the Registrar for the registration of a variety, and

  • (c) to whom any notice or correspondence under the Act and these Regulations may be sent; (demandeur)

Certificate of Registration

Certificate of Registration means a certificate issued by the Registrar certifying that the variety named therein is registered under these Regulations; (certificat d’enregistrement)

list of experts

list of experts means a list established pursuant to section 71; (liste d’experts)


merit means, with respect to a variety, that the variety is equal or superior to appropriate reference varieties with regard to characteristics that render the variety beneficial for a particular use in a specific area of Canada; (valeur)

recommending committee

recommending committee means a provincial, regional or national committee that has the necessary expertise to administer the testing of varieties for merit and that is designated by the Minister to make recommendations as to merit in respect of the registration of varieties; (comité de recommandation)


region means a province, a group of provinces, the Canadian Wheat Board Area or that part of Canada outside the Canadian Wheat Board Area; (région)


registrant means the person to whom a Certificate of Registration is issued; (titulaire)


Registrar means the person designated by the President to register varieties; (registraire)

representative reference sample

representative reference sample means a sample of seed that is submitted in support of registration of a variety and guaranteed by the owner or breeder of the variety as truly representing the variety. (échantillon de référence représentatif)

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