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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section B.09.016 from 2011-10-27 to 2022-07-19:

 [S]. Margarine

  • (a) shall be a plastic or fluid emulsion of water in fats, oil or fats and oil that are not derived from milk and may have been subjected to hydrogenation;

  • (b) shall contain

    • (i) not less than 80 per cent fat, oil or fat and oil calculated as fat, and

    • (ii) notwithstanding section D.01.009, not less than

      • (A) 3,300 International Units of vitamin A, and

      • (B) 530 International Units of vitamin D

      per 100 grams; and

  • (c) may contain

    • (i) skim milk powder, buttermilk powder or liquid buttermilk,

    • (ii) whey solids or modified whey solids,

    • (iii) protein,

    • (iv) water,

    • (v) vitamin E, if added in such an amount as will result in the finished product containing not less than 0.6 International Unit of alphatocopherol per gram of linoleic acid present in the margarine,

    • (vi) a flavouring agent,

    • (vii) a sweetening agent,

    • (viii) potassium chloride and sodium chloride,

    • (ix) the following colouring agents: annatto, ß-apo-8′- carotenal, canthaxanthin, carotene, ethyl ß-apo-8′-carotenoate and turmeric, as set out in Table III to section B.16.100,

    • (x) the following emulsifying agents: lecithin, mono- and di-glycerides, mono-glycerides and sorbitan tristearate, as set out in Table IV to section B.16.100,

    • (xi) the following pH adjusting agents: citric acid, lactic acid, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium citrate, sodium lactate, potassium citrate, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, potassium lactate, sodium potassium tartrate and tartaric acid, as set out in Table X to section B.16.100,

    • (xii) the following Class II and Class IV preservatives: ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbyl stearate, benzoic acid, butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene, calcium sorbate, citric acid esters of mono- and di-glycerides, monoglyceride citrate, monoisopropyl citrate, potassium benzoate, potassium sorbate, propyl gallate, sodium benzoate, sodium sorbate and sorbic acid, as set out in Table XI to section B.16.100, and

    • (xiii) the following sequestering agents: calcium disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate and stearyl citrate, as set out in Table XII to section B.16.100.

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