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Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-03-22 to 2020-02-03:

SCHEDULE VII(Subsections 11(2) and (6))Declaration of Importation of a Vehicle for Exhibition, Demonstration, Evaluation, Testing or Special Purposes

  • 1 Name of the manufacturer of the vehicle:

    blank line

  • 2 Name and address of the person importing the vehicle:

    blank line

  • 3 The month and year the vehicle was manufactured:

    blank line

  • 4 The class, make, model and vehicle identification number of the vehicle:

    blank line

  • 5 The date the vehicle is presented for importation:

    blank line

  • 6 The purpose of the importation:

    blank line

  • 7 The estimated period of time the vehicle will be used on public roads:

    blank line

  • 8 Whether the vehicle will be removed from Canada or destroyed after completion of the purpose for which it is imported:

    blank line

  • 9 The date the vehicle will be removed from Canada or destroyed:

    blank line

  • I, the undersigned, blank line, declare that the information set out in this
    • blank line(Authorized representative)
    • declaration is true and that
      • (a) the vehicle is being imported into Canada solely for purposes of

        • (i) exhibition, demonstration, evaluation or testing, pursuant to paragraph 7(1)(a) of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act,

        • (ii) undergoing further manufacturing prior to export, or

        • (iii) conducting works or operations that require a specially designed vehicle; and

      • (b) the vehicle will remain in Canada for a period not longer than one year or, in the case of a vehicle being imported under paragraph 7(1)(a) of the Act, for such shorter period as the Minister specifies.Footnote *

blank lineblank line
Signature of authorized representativeDateblank line
  • Return to footnote *Note: Subsection 7(5) of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act prohibits a person who signs the declaration referred to in paragraph 7(1)(a) of the Act to use or dispose of a vehicle other than in accordance with the terms of the declaration.

  • SOR/95-147, s. 14
  • SOR/2000-182, ss. 10 to 12

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