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National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations

Version of section 17 from 2006-03-22 to 2009-12-02:

 No person shall, when fishing in park waters, use

  • (a) more than one fishing line;

  • (b) a fishing line having more than one artificial fly or other type of bait;

  • (c) a fishing line having an artificial fly to which is attached any live or dead natural bait;

  • (d) a fishing line having any combination of hooks capable of catching more than one fish at a time;

  • (e) a fishing line having more than one type of lure;

  • (f) a lure having more than

    • (i) two single hooks,

    • (ii) two gang-hooks, or

    • (iii) one single hook and one gang-hook;

  • (g) a gang-hook having more than three hooks; or

  • (h) a lead sinker or lead jig that weighs less than 50 g.

  • SOR/97-111, s. 2

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