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National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations

Version of section 2 from 2009-12-03 to 2024-04-01:

 In these Regulations,


Act means the Canada National Parks Act; (Loi)


angling means fishing with a hook and line held in the hand or with a hook, line and rod held in the hand but does not include fishing with a set line; (pêche à la ligne)

artificial fly

artificial fly means a single or double hook on a common shank, dressed with silk, tinsel, wool, fur, feathers or other material, or any combination thereof, without a spinning device whether attached to the hook or line; (mouche artificielle)

chemical attractant

chemical attractant means a chemical or scented substance that is applied inside or onto a lure in order to attract fish; (attractif chimique)


Director[Repealed, SOR/96-245, s. 1]


fillet includes any piece of fish from which the internal organs, the head, the fins and the bones, except intramuscular or lateral bones, have been removed; (filet)


fish includes a soft-shell clam (Mya arenaria); (poisson)

fish finder

fish finder means a sonar device for detecting fish; (détecteur de poissons)

fishing permit

fishing permit means a fishing permit that is issued pursuant to paragraph 4(a); (permis de pêche)

foul hooking

foul hooking means fishing with a hook or hooks attached to a line manipulated in such a manner as to pierce a fish in any part of its body other than its mouth; (hameçon illicite)


gaff-hook means any hook attached directly to the end of a rod or pole for the purpose of landing a fish or piercing a fish in any part of its body; (gaffeau)

game fish

game fish means any of the species of fish set out in Schedule I; (poisson de sport)


gang-hook means a combination of two or more hooks used as a unit; (hameçon multiple)

lake trout endorsement

lake trout endorsement means an endorsement to fish for lake trout in the waters of Prince Albert National Park of Canada, issued pursuant to section 4.1; (autorisation de pêcher le touladi)

lead jig

lead jig means one or more weighted hooks that contain more than 1.0 per cent lead by weight and that are tied to a fishing line and used for catching fish; (turlutte plombée)

lead sinker

lead sinker means an object that contains more than 1.0 per cent lead by weight and that can be used to sink a fishing line by attachment of the object to the fishing line; (lest en plomb)


Minister[Repealed, SOR/96-245, s. 1]

natural bait

natural bait means any material used to attract fish that is partly or wholly composed of plants, animals or plant and animal products, but does not include an artificial fly or a wooden plug; (appât naturel)

open season

open season, with respect to any species of fish, means the period of each year during which fishing for that species is permitted in any park waters; (saison de pêche)

overall length

overall length, with respect to a fish other than a soft-shell clam, means the distance measured from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail or, if there is no fork, to the tip of the tail and, in respect of a soft-shell clam, means the distance measured in a straight line through the longest part of the shell; (longueur totale)


park[Repealed, SOR/93-33, s. 1]

park officer

park officer[Repealed, SOR/99-352, s. 1]


possession has the same meaning as in subsection 4(3) of the Criminal Code; (possession)

salmon licence

salmon licence means a salmon licence that is issued pursuant to paragraph 4(b); (permis de pêche du saumon)

soft-shell clam permit

soft-shell clam permit means a permit that is issued for recreational clam fishing under paragraph 4(c); (permis de pêche de la mye)


Superintendent[Repealed, SOR/90-4, s. 1]


tailer means a device consisting of a wire, cord or rope arranged on a rod or pole in such a manner as to form a noose or snare for the purpose of landing or catching a fish; (serre-queue)


year means the 12-month period commencing on April 1st in any calendar year and terminating on March 31st in the calendar year next following. (année)

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