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National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations

Version of section 7.2 from 2006-03-22 to 2009-12-02:

  •  (1) Every person who catches and retains a salmon in Gros Morne or Terra Nova National Park of Canada shall immediately affix a salmon tag to it in accordance with subsection (2).

  • (2) A salmon tag shall be affixed through the gill cavity and mouth of the salmon and securely locked.

  • (3) No person shall remove a salmon tag from a salmon except at the time the salmon is prepared for consumption.

  • (4) No person shall be in possession of salmon in Gros Morne or Terra Nova National Park of Canada unless

    • (a) a salmon tag has been affixed to the salmon in accordance with subsection (1); or

    • (b) in the case of salmon caught or taken outside the waters described in subsection (1), the person has possession of the salmon in accordance with the laws of the province within which the park is situated.

  • (5) No person, other than a person under 16 years of age referred to in subsection 3(3), shall affix a salmon tag issued to that person under paragraph 4(b) to a salmon that is caught by another person.

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