Laurentian Pilotage Authority Regulations

Version of section 26.1 from 2008-03-11 to 2018-04-22:

 To obtain a Class D apprentice pilot permit for District No. 1-1, an applicant shall

  • (a) successfully complete a language test given by the Authority that demonstrates that the applicant is able to carry out the duties of an apprentice effectively in English and French;

  • (b) undergo a medical examination within the 90 days before the day on which the Class D apprentice pilot permit is issued and meet the health qualifications prescribed in the General Pilotage Regulations;

  • (c) be the holder of a certificate of competency not lower than master, local voyage issued under the Canada Shipping Act or Master, Near Coastal;

  • (d) have served as master of a ship that is over 70 m in length or over 2 000 tons gross tonnage for at least 18 months during the 60 months before the day on which the application is made;

  • (e) have experience navigating in ice; and

  • (f) obtain a mark of at least 70% on a written test given by the Board of Examiners on general knowledge of near coastal navigation, including knowledge of ship handling, navigational instruments, chartwork, meteorology and ice navigation on the St. Lawrence River.

  • SOR/2002-346, s. 12
  • SOR/2008-80, s. 6
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