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Pacific Pilotage Regulations

Version of section 23 from 2006-03-22 to 2009-12-09:

 Examinations held by a committee of examiners shall be in such form as the Authority may determine and shall consist of, but not be limited to, questions on the following subjects:

  • (a) local knowledge of every area to which the application, licence or pilotage certificate relates including

    • (i) tides and currents,

    • (ii) dredged channel widths and depths,

    • (iii) depth of water,

    • (iv) important and essential cable areas and prohibited anchorage areas,

    • (v) anchorage areas and depths,

    • (vi) aides to navigation, and

    • (vii) bridge signals and clearances;

  • (b) knowledge of

  • (c) seamanship and ship handling;

  • (d) docking problems and the use of tug boats and anchors;

  • (e) general chart work, including the correction of courses and compass errors;

  • (f) communications;

  • (g) International Code of Signals, including the use of one and two flag signals;

  • (h) duties of a pilot;

  • (i) use of navigational and bridge instruments;

  • (j) practical knowledge of the interpretation and operation of radar; and

  • (k) such other subjects as the committee of examiners may consider necessary.

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