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Seeds Regulations

Version of section 26 from 2007-10-25 to 2020-07-28:

  •  (1) Every package of a mixture of forage seeds of the kinds or species set out in Table XIII to Schedule I shall be labelled with the following information:

    • (a) the name and address of the seller, packager or labeller;

    • (b) the name of the grade of the seed;

    • (c) the name and percentage of each kind or species — and of each variety, if applicable — of seed that singly constitutes 3% or more by weight or, in the case of sweet clover, 1% or more by weight, of the mixture;

    • (d) the percentage by weight of the kinds or species of seed of the mixture not stated on the label pursuant to paragraph (c) preceded by the words “other kinds”; and

    • (e) in the case of alfalfa and red clover seed that is imported, the country of origin of production and, if from the United States, the state of origin of production, and the percentage included in the mixture.

  • (2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1)(d), the label may show the name and percentage of each kind or species of seed in a package that singly constitutes one per cent or more by weight of the mixture.

  • (3) The information to be labelled on a package pursuant to subsections (1) and (2) shall be

    • (a) on the principal display panel of the package if the labelling information is on the package, or on one side of the tag if the labelling information is on the tag; and

    • (b) of a consistent size of type.

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