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Seeds Regulations

Version of section 29 from 2007-10-25 to 2021-01-10:

  •  (1) A label shall not contain any words or designs to indicate or imply that seed that is a ground cover mixture is suitable for use on home lawns or for forage production.

  • (2) Every package of seed that is a ground cover mixture shall be labelled with the following information:

    • (a) the name and address of the seller, packager or labeller;

    • (b) the name of the grade of the seed; and

    • (c) the name of each kind or species of seed

      • (i) that constitutes five per cent or more by weight of the mixture, or

      • (ii) that is listed in any provincial legislation as a noxious or restricted weed, where the seller, packager or labeller has the information referred to in subparagraph (i) and supplies the information in writing to purchasers on request.

  • (3) Where the name of any kind, species or variety of seed contained in a ground cover mixture is stated on a label to the exclusion of the other kinds, species or varieties in the mixture, or in a manner to emphasize that name, the percentage by weight of that kind, species or variety in the mixture shall be stated on the label in the same size and colour of type as the name.

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