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Seeds Regulations

Version of section 45 from 2006-03-22 to 2017-05-18:

 In this Part,


Act means the Seeds Act; (Loi)


Agency means the Canadian Food Inspection Agency established by section 3 of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act; (Agence)

aseptic environment

aseptic environment means a facility which excludes microorganisms that are capable of causing contamination or infection; (milieu aseptique)

bacterial ring rot

bacterial ring rot means the disease caused by the bacterial pathogen Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus; (flétrissement bactérien)

Breeder’s Selection seed potatoes

Breeder’s Selection seed potatoes means seed potatoes that are direct progeny of true seed, or of selected tubers, and that are grown for the purpose of evaluation as a potential variety for commercial use; (pommes de terre de semences Choix du sélectionneur)

certificate number

certificate number means the number that appears on a crop certificate to identify a crop and that appears on a seed potato tag, a record of bulk movement, a permit issued under section 57, or a special certificate of authorization issued under section 61, to identify the tubers produced by that crop; (numéro de certificat)


class means a class of seed potatoes established in section 47; (classe)

common equipment

common equipment means any piece of farming, storing, transporting or sorting equipment that is used jointly by two or more growers; (équipement commun)


crop means Breeder’s Selection seed potatoes, or a variety and class of seed potatoes, growing in an aseptic environment, a protected environment or in one or more fields of a farm unit; (culture)


Department [Repealed, SOR/2000-184, s. 84]


Director [Repealed, SOR/2000-184, s. 84]

farm unit

farm unit means

  • (a) a single tract of land operated for the production and marketing of seed potatoes under the control of a grower, or

  • (b) a number of separate tracts of land operated as a single unit, with the use of common equipment, facilities or storage, for the production and marketing of seed potatoes under the control of the same grower; (unité de production)


field means the identifiable area of land on which Breeder’s Selection seed potatoes, or seed potatoes of a particular variety and class, are planted or have been produced; (champ)


generation [Repealed, SOR/2002-198, s. 1]


grower means an individual, a cooperative, a corporation or a partnership that grows seed potatoes; (producteur)

laboratory tests

laboratory tests means tests that are conducted in a laboratory that is accredited under the Agency Laboratory Accreditation Program or in a laboratory that can reasonably be considered to be equivalent to a laboratory accredited under that program; (essais en laboratoire)


lot means the quantity of harvested seed potatoes of a variety and class that is identifiable by one certificate number or the quantity of Breeder’s Selection seed potatoes that are identifiable by one certificate number; (lot)

non-certified potatoes

non-certified potatoes means

  • (a) potatoes that do not meet the standards for any of the classes established in section 47 or the standards established for Breeder’s Selection seed potatoes in section 61.1, or

  • (b) seed potatoes that have been transported without seed potato tags, a record of bulk movement, a permit issued under section 57 or a special certificate of authorization issued under section 61; (pommes de terre non certifiées)

nuclear stock

nuclear stock [Repealed, SOR/97-118, s. 1]

protected environment

protected environment means a facility for which there are appropriate procedures and physical barriers to prevent the entry of plant pathogens and insects; (milieu protégé)


PSTV means the disease in a potato plant or tuber caused by the pathogen known as potato spindle tuber viroid; (filosité des tubercules)

record of bulk movement

record of bulk movement means a record provided to a grower under subsection 56(1); (dossier de transport en vrac)

seed potato

seed potato means a tuber, or any part of a tuber, or nuclear stock, that is certified under these Regulations for seed-reproduction purposes; (pomme de terre de semence)

seed potato tag

seed potato tag means a tag provided to a grower under subsection 53(1); (étiquette de pommes de terre de semence)


shipment means the movement of one lot, or any part thereof, of seed potatoes to a single consignee; (expédition)

table stock potato

table stock potato [Repealed, SOR/2002-198, s. 1]

tuber unit

tuber unit means the separate pieces of one tuber that are planted consecutively in two or more hills in a row; (tubercules individualisés)


variety means a variety of seed potatoes that

  • (a) is distinguished by common morphological, physiological, cytological, chemical or other common characteristics, and

  • (b) retains its distinguishing characteristics when reproduced; (variété)


volunteer means a growing plant that originates from a tuber that has been left in a field from a previous crop; (plant spontané)

zero tolerance

zero tolerance means

  • (a) in respect of a disease, the requirement of the absence of the disease in a plant, or in any part thereof, including a tuber, and

  • (b) in respect of a varietal mixture, the requirement of the absence of the mixture of two or more varieties. (tolérance zéro)

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